Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dealer Spotlight-Mindy Staggs-Primitiques

Dealer Spotlight-Mindy Staggs-Primitiques

Mindy of Primitiques 'N Poetry sells yesterday's treasures for today's homes.
Her time worn accent pieces bring charm and humor with a definite primitive slant.

She prides herself on suggesting oddities, objects of interest and just plain nonsense for your home and garden.

Come see what new items Mindy has brought in this week at Winnie & Tulula's

Wonderful Photo's by David

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dealer Spotlight- The Junk Palace-Lillie Bussey

Dealer Spotlight- The Junk Palace-Lillie Bussey

Lillie Bussy is well know to many of you.
She's been selling with Maggie Lopez in Canton for many years, and recently opened her own shop in Malakoff, just 10 minutes from Athens.

Shabby European elegance meets rustic chic. Lillie combines French style furniture and accessories as well as shabby garden furniture, frames, mirrors and the like.

Lillie's booth is always a feast for the eyes, as she creatively displays her treasures.

See Lillie's great things at Winnie and Tulula's

Athens Texas, on the Square

Open Wed-Sat 10-6

I'm sure you'll leave with something wonderful

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Winnie & Tulula's Is Going To the Dogs

Winnie & Tulula's has many loyal shoppers, here are 3 of our favorites, enjoying the atmosphere and soft furnishings while their Mom's shop.

Ellie loves people….she likes to “high five” everyone…over and over again….

she loves shopping and is very curious…Her Mom is Jamie

This is Chloe...she is very much a social butterfly...
would love a
position at the shoppe so she
Could be around lots of people....has never meet a
stranger...Her Mom is

Chloe and Punkie love their crowns by
Maggie of The Veranda.

This is "Punkie" her mom is Donna, and is a
great customer
Punkie is very laid back...and likes being right
by her Mom at all times....

So take it from the pooches, Winnie and Tulula's is a great
place to shop, visit, try on crowns, and chill out for awhile.