Saturday, April 30, 2011

One More chance to Meet Ki Nassauer, and have a good time to boot!

We are having a great time... and you have one more chance to come by and meet Ki.
And you never know who else might show up.
Our newest Tulula Head below. Can you say "Awwwww".
Get your books and magazines signed, and visit with the Junk Guru herself.
Today 11-4 at Sweet Peas and Winnie & Tulula's

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you Ready??? for the Junking event of the year for North East Texas???

Most of This post stolen , from the Trash Talker her self Debbie


Yes my read correctly. Ki will be visiting Texas for two days and she'll be at the mercy the special guest of the Tulula Heads and the Headmistress! Do I really need to tell y'all about Ki? I mean...c'mon...who among us hasn't heard or read about this powerhouse of a junker!

She'll be signing the new Flea Market Style Magazine at the House of Sweet Pea Friday evening, April 29th from 4-7pm and Saturday April 30th, 11am-3pm.

Grab your issues of Flea Market Style (past and present), your cameras, all your friends and join us. I promise you up and're gonna have a great time. Oooh...and come hungry. The Bistro will be open Friday and Saturday for dining and dancing. Well, maybe not dancing...but I bet you a dollar to a donut if you ask real nice-like...Gloria might dance for you! (I'm not promising anything...but it's a worth a shot!)
It's always beautiful at the shops, but all of the W&T vendors will be ramping things up to make it even prettier than usual for our special guest...and y'all!
What I will tell y'all is I think it's gonna be standing room only. Methinks you better come early if you want a ringside seat to the Big Wide Wonderful World of Winnie & Tulula's!

You know you're gonna be a basket case if you don't and I'll be sorely tempted to say "I told you so"....'cause I did!

Stick your thumb out, drive a mule train, fly by the seat of your britches. Heck, ride a camel for corn's sake...but do whatcha gotta do to get here!

Gloria's lacing up her dancing don't disappoint yourself!




Sunday, April 17, 2011

Will you be joining us

Will you be joining us April 29 & 30. Ki is coming and we want you to be there too. click flyer for full sized image, or check side bar for details.
Dealers are fluffing their spaces and bringing new treasures in just for this event.
Hope you can make it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ki's Coming to Winnie & Tulula's Dates and Times

Ki Nassauer
Editor-in-Chief of Flea Market Style Magazine and several Junk Decorating Books and Founder of Junk Revolution, and the Junk Bonanza.
Is coming to...
Winnie & Tulula's

Friday evening April 29th from 4 - 7pm, and
Saturday afternoon April 30th 11am - 3pm

Come visit with Ki either Friday evening April 29th, or on Saturday afternoon April 30th. There will be food, wine, and fun for all.
We know how to party at Winnie & Tulula's

Ki will be on hand to sign books, visit, and have some junkin good fun with her junk "Sistas" so bring your mags and books and be sure to bring your camera, and get your picture taken with the Junk Guru herself.

It will be Canton First Monday weekend too,
so you can enjoy shopping in both Canton and Athens
in the beautiful (hopefully) Texas Spring weather.

Winnie & Tulula's is located in downtown Athens Texas On the Square at the corner of Hwys 31 & 19. Just down Hwy 19 about 20 mins from Canton.

All photo's with exception of top head shot, taken Spring 2009 at Canton First Monday Trades Days

copyright Margo Arrick