Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas at Winnie & Tulula's

Just a little Eye candy for you to enjoy

come by for some holiday cheer

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake Christmas Open House at Winnie & Tulula's

As Turkey day approaches, our homes and kitchens and lists are full of excitement. But don't forget that all the fun is just getting started.

It won't be a
at Winnie & Tulula's on Friday night.

We are busy...

For our big open house.

So grab a

or a
or Whatever you can find, and get out to Winnie & Tulula's Friday night, for some Black Friday Fun.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winnie & Tulula's Christmas Open House Event

You have all day to shop on Friday after Thankgiving, then come out to Winnie & Tulula's for an evening of Holiday fun.

Bistro is open, Dealers will be newly stocked with Holiday goodness.

See you there!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You know what I like about Fall?

You know what I like about Fall?
What's not to like (except allergies)?
We finally get a break from our repressive Summer temperatures.
The colors change to the deep warm tones of Autumn.
The Festivities of Halloween and Thanksgiving are getting ever so close and fun and family with them. (An no gifts to buy)

It may not feel like Fall outside... but inside Winnie & Tulula's the season is in full swing.
You'll feel ready for trick or treating and Thanksgiving turkey the minute you walk in the door.
And we've got the stuff to make you feel this way in your home as well.
From pumpkins

to Fabulous Fresh Fall Flowers

Or these beautiful Fabric Journals
Come by and get in gear for the cooler weather and fabulous festivies coming with this most refreshing of seasons.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Fall At Winnie & Tulula's

Fall at Winnie & Tulula's is a time for re-grouping.
The Warrenton Shows are done and Dealers are ready to re-fluff their spaces with new treasures for the cooler days ahead.
Gloria is bringing out the fun Fall decorations and getting the place all set for a fabulous season of deep rich colors, and fun stuff for the Great indoors.

So come by and see what's new, Hours and directions on right side bar.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prayer Request-Updated information

Former Dealers Liz Caudle and her new husband Len, need your prayers. Lin had a massive stroke and is in ICU. No more details available, except that they are in desperate need of prayers.
Please lift up these 2 wonderful people in your prayers in the coming days. Will update as I have more information.

9/29 update
Len will be in ICU for a long time, They have had some positive signs but there was major damage. Please keep Liz and Len in your prayers.

10/4 update
Len continues to improve. No further details

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guess Who's Joined us at Winnie & Tulula's

Joining us from Rubbish & Co, in her own words...

"I'm Mo the eldest child of an antiquing family. On trips growing up, my parents stopped at every junk store along the road while I sat in the car and grumbled, "When I grow up, I am not doing this!" On weekends, we'd load the family station wagon and head off to art shows where Mom sold her handmade wares. At the end of the show as we packed up the booth I thought to myself, "When I grow up, I am not doing this!" On the many trash days when I hid on the floorboard of my mother's car while she snatched a prize from the neighbor's garbage, I vowed, "When I grow up, I am not doing this!" Well, guess what... I am doing this! I'm stopping at junk stores, selling at shows and rummaging through trash piles and loving it!!!"

"My business is a reflection of all those years of "training" to look for that needle in the haystack, to see the potential in the discarded, and to imagine the possibilities of long forgotten treasures."
If you don't already know Mo you should, and we are so happy to have her as part of the WT family.

Summer is for buying and we are all very well stocked, so stop by for some new-to-you treasures.
And don't forget to have lunch at the Bistro.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Color me Beautiful

Folks in the know say that "Color is Back" in home decorating
At Winnie & Tulula's We've got you covered

From soft furnishings



And the really quirky

You'll find what you need to Color your world at Winnie & Tulula's
Stop by for some inspiration today.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winnie & Tulula's dealer makes cover of Flea Market Style Magazine

When Ki was visiting our fun store back in April, she made a few, well considered purchases. I was so surprised to see one of those fabulous items on the newly revealed cover of the Fall issue.

See that Globe on the Lucite Base That was one of Ki's WT picks,
Strait from the booth of Simplicity Cottage.

Woo Hoo Winnie & Tulula's makes it big once again.

We are anxiously awaiting our shipments of the magazine, and I assure you, as soon as I get them, I'll get several copies up to the store for you to get them first.

If you want to order one to be mailed to you, simply go here for all the info.
International shipping options available. I'll ship anywhere.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Flower Market At Winnie & Tulula's

How many times have you wanted a small inexpensive bouquet to take to a friend in need, or an event, only to find that the cheapest you can get is $35.00 ( or more) at the florist, and it's so small that you are embarrassed to present it?

Winnie & Tulula's to the rescue. Now open behind the bistro, our Fresh Flower market by The Flower Girl, Alison P.
You can get all you need to make a stunning bouquet (different each week) and all for only $20.00.
Unique and beautiful flowers, brought in fresh weekly... you can't find these varieties at the grocery store.

Get a florist quality arrangement, for a fraction of the price. Drop by Winnie & Tulula's in Athens on the Square for you unique and fresh arrangement today.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Announcing Fresh Flowers at Winnie & Tulula's

Announcing Fresh Flowers at Winnie & Tulula's

Winnie and Tulula's is pleased to announce the
Fresh Flower Market
Just around the corner from the bistro inside Winnie & Tulula's.

Gloria has teamed up with "the Flower Girl" Alison P.
to bring you, do-it-yourself and pre-made Bouquet's and arrangements
at Winnie & Tulula's.
This week featuring the "Gloria's 4th Fireworks Bouquet" which is a grab & go hand tied bunch of flowers for your home/ celebrations or gift it includes "Freedom" roses, queen anne's lace, bottlebrush blue hydrangea or delphinium and more for 20$ each.

Flowers to be sold by the stem, this week there are the above mentioned flowers plus... belles of Ireland, Eskimo roses, and white hydrangeas. Next week look for Pink Oriental lilies, variety of long stem roses, snapdragons and stock..
W & T shoppers are welcome to call or email Alison P with requests for the upcoming week as well......
The Flower Girl email is
And on the web at
phone 903 509 383

Beginning next wed July 6th, We will be featuring a sample arrangement with a "flower recipe" if you want to make the same thing at home in your own vase.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Images from our 2nd Birthday Bash

"Make an offer" was the theme of Yesterday's 2nd annual,
Junke and Disorderly Sale.

We didn't let a little 104 degree temps stop us.

Flo found her little patch of shade outside
Debbie found a cool spot inside

Everyone was working hard all day long, and we had a great time.

We're all a bit tired today and a few of us are a bit sunburned (oops!!) Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the nice hot day with us.
Stay tuned for more fun events.

We have now entered the terrible two's,
so watch out!!!!