Monday, May 18, 2009

More Dealers Coming Into Town

I have more exciting news to share with you about the opening of Winnie and Tulula's Shop. We have added three more awesome dealers already to the mix of those mentioned in the previous post and this is really exciting. You no longer will have to travel to several towns to shop with your favorite buyers, artist, dealers, stylist, you can now do it all in one place. Now that's saving you time and money (gas) and will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Take a peek at these new dealers.

Three more Fab Dealers are Joining the Coloring:

**Ethel's "Just
Junke"......Shabby Chic Eclec'tic. You can find Ethel in Tyler and Canton, but now you'll also find her in Athens!!

(photo credit: Mindy-Primitiques & Poetry)

**Country Girl Collections....."Retailer of Phrases & Remenants"
And Another One...

**Primitiques 'n Poetry - Mindy sells yesterday's treasures for today's homes. Her time worn accent pieces bring charm and humor with a definite primitive slant...She prides herself on suggesting oddites, objects of interest and just plain nonsense for your home and garden. This is here latest creation:

Don't forget, opening day is June 13th. Bring your friends, it will be a great time!!


  1. I am so excited to be included in this group of talented women! Look out Athens, here we come! ~Mindy

  2. That's an awful lot of hormones in one location!

  3. WOW! What beautiful items. I love it. Wish I could come and take a look at everything. Maybe someday I can. Good luck to all of you. Have a wonderful week.
    God Bless.
    Pam :-)

  4. We will be there! Marking our calendar!!! Can't wait!

  5. D,
    You still have hormones??? Maybe I can borrow
    a cup?

  6. SO wish I could be there for the opening!

  7. What a great looking new shop. As a former shop owner I know all the effort you are putting into it for your customers. It will be wonderful. xo Joan