Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dealer Spotlight-Ruff by Margo

Dealer Spotlight-Ruff by Margo
Nothing makes Margo's heart beat faster than a good pile of Junk.
Except maybe inspiring others to create something special with Junk. That's the philosophy behind Ruff.

Margo scours Flea Markets, and tag sales to find that unusual "whatever" that she thinks will speak to someone and spark their creative juices. If something has outlived it's usefulness in what it was designed for, Margo will look for a new use for it. Like turning an old car horn into a vase for flowers.

She is specifically inspired by the creative design of things of the past. "New items just don't have the look of old things. People of the past took pride in artistic expression in even the simple things, like heaters, grates, and yes even utilitarian objects, like coolers and screen doors. Everything made today seems to be made of plastic. There is no pride of artistry in a new products, a vent for your home, or even a heater or fan is just simple square and strait lines. I long for the creativity of the past"

As with all Winnie and Tulula's dealers, she works at creating inspiring displays so that you can see how these unique old items can enhance your space and be used in your home.

Come see what Margo and the other dealers have brought in this week at Winnie and Tulula's. Open Wed-Sat 10-6


  1. Margo's space looks great! I was there all day Saturday and had a chance to really look around. RUFF is a treat for the eyes! Margo prepares a feast for the imagination that will get your creative juices flowing.... We all need something RUFF!

  2. The only thing missing is some shopping baskets to place all the great things to be found in for checkout! Arms just aren't big enough to hold it all!

  3. There are always lots of goodies to behold in Margo's area! ~Mindy