Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Have A Celebrity

I couldn't wait to call Gloria and congratulate her when I realized she was in the newest issue of Romantic Homes magazine.  For those that don't know, Gloria is the owner of The Sweet Pea Collection and Winnie and Tulula's, which is located in the same building.  Well, the magazine did an awesome job of featuring Gloria and her beautiful linens and antiques ~ words just can't describe how awesome her things looked in the magazine, but you don't just have to read about her, you can come out to the The Sweet Pea Collection and Winnie and Tulula's and see it for yourself.  Here's a small preview of the article featured in RH:

Congrats Gloria, it's well deserved.  Maybe they'll shoot your home next?  The Sweet Pea Collection and Winnie & Tulula's is located at 119 E. Tyler St, Athens, Tx, or you can contact her at Sweet Pea Collection.


  1. Yee haw! Congrats to Gloria! Looks great! ~Mindy

  2. Gloria certainly is magazine quality! What a wonderful and luscious collection. Congrats!!

  3. Oh My! It is on the newsstands right now???
    Gotta go to the store right now!
    Later ~Donna

  4. I'm just wondering what took so long for them to discover what we already knew!
    Congratulations Boss Lady!

  5. Finally got my copy and it's a great article. Way to go Gloria!!!!