Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guest Vendors

Blogged by Mindy

Guest vendors are the icing on the cake. The bacon on the burger. The egg in the nog. They are what makes something good, even better.

The Remembrance of Christmas Open House at Winnie & Tulula's is going to be Oh, So Good. But, what's making it even better are the guest vendors. The Queen Mother of Winnie & Tulula's and The Sweet Pea Collection, Gloria, has outdone herself. She has invited some amazing guest vendors, two couples in fact, to our event this Friday and Saturday. Wait til you see what magic these teams are stirring up. Pixie dust is flying. Doves are in the air. Glitter is, well, glittering.Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest have agreed to share their magic with us. Their creative creations will be the talk of the town. I did a word search for "Willow Nest" on flickr. Here are the resulting photos if you would like to peruse. They all, indeed, appear to be our L&L.

Wanna know who the other magic couple is? You may know them as Jon and Peg. Or maybe you know them as French Vanilla. Ooo la la. I saw them when I first walked into the store Sunday, but I had never met them. Didn't know who they were. I kept walking by the window and then, in short order, I saw the birth of beauty. I saw the look of "French Vanilla". I immediately figured out who they were and introduced myself. I searched for them in flickr and had no luck. So, check out this post by Patina Green. They know good when they see it! And TOT with Time-Worn Interiors had this to say about French Vanilla. See? Did you look?

Can you see what all the excitement is about with these guest vendors? Are you convinced it will be worth your drive yet? What more do you need?


  1. I, personally, am having fun being a guest writer for W&T's. I fear, however, that you won't be borrowing today's post. It will be about my fiasco cooking experience, prepping for the Open House at W&T's. Fyi, I will be bringing nuts to this event. Do you prefer almonds or cashews?

    Excitement abounds!!! ~Mindy

  2. You my friend are a talented writer!!! Thank you for the kind words. We are blessed to be invited into the Land of fairy dust and all that sparkles!!! Have a wonderful Friday evening!! I am sure with your imagination they won't be plain nuts.,. Peg

  3. Note to Peg...the nuts will be running the place!

  4. Hey! I resemble that remark

    Happy Thanksgiving