Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dealer Spotlight- Remains to be Seen, Liz Young & Frances Harper

Liz and Fran have a space in "the back area", As you enter their space prepare to be dazzled. Ever changing and inventive. Just when you think they can't possibly beat this display, they do it. The design creativity from these 2 ladies, is never ending.

Liz and Fran describe their look as "A Young Outlook on Old"

They carry a collection of oddities, altered art, vintage fabric, tarnished pieces, and orphaned objects.

For those who "think outside the box".

Come see what is new in their space and all the other talented dealers at Winnie & Tulula's.


  1. I always enjoy perusing their space. Creative ladies, indeed! ~Mindy

  2. I think it ought to be against the law to be that talented. Thank goodness I love the both of them to pieces or I could be such a hater!

  3. I agree their very creative ladies. I always love their booth. I bought the most beautiful Christmas wreath from them, I still have it hanging up, it's so pretty I hate to take it down, and their just as nice as they are talented.

  4. Love the mannequin display! What a great idea on how to display jewelry, etc. Very unique and creative. Enjoyed the photos. Drop by and say "hi" when you have a chance.
    Have a fun weekend!

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  6. I love Liz and Fran!!! I do! I do! I do!!! And the skirt on the mannequin... I wonder if I could pull something like that off...
    maybe not on a windy day? :-)

    So gorgeous - every single bit of it!!!
    ;-) robelyn

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