Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Junk and Disorderly

Save the Date

Winnie & Tulula's Announces

First Ever in the history of womankind “Junk & Disorderly” Sale to celebrate

Our Birthday/Anniversary/Sidewalk Sale

June 5th 10 til 5

Mini Cupcakes….Frozen Ritas…the world renown Tulula Punch (super-duper secret recipe..guaranteed to make your momma

Junk & disorderly)

Birthday Presents Given throughout the Day

We encourage you to enter your junkyard dawg or hubby in the

Best Ever Junk Yard Dog Contest

Judged by Harry & Hollisters


  1. OMG is that your Bullie?? He/She is so adora-bull!!! If you love bulldogs, check out my blog and meet my Miss Weezer!
    Love your blog, wish I was in your neck of the woods so I could go to your sidewalk sale!


  2. What a darling idea! I keep clicking my heels but I haven't "poofed" into a Texas girl yet! You gals get to have all the fun. I think you should extend your junk & disorderly theme into a blog party of some kind. I would be oh-so-happy to be a hostess (wink, wink) Blessings... Polly

  3. Oh how I wish I live closer. This just sound like amazing fun and besides I love junk.

  4. MAN!!!! do I wish I could come...it would be worth the drive I'm sure of it!!!! Another commitment though (family) darn it.....As for your precious bulldog one word BULL-O-LICIOUS...he is cute!!!!(or she)
    P.S. Love your blog
    XOXO Rhonda