Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Hail the Queen

By Guest Blogger Anne of Fiona & Twig

I still have so many images to share from my fabulous time spent at Antique Week
in Round Top / Warrenton,
so without further ado, please allow me to present the Bedding Queen of Warrenton,
the lovely Gloria of The Sweet Pea Collection.

Last month I was fortunate enough to spend a bit of time in Gloria's divine space,
and once again, she did not disappoint.
I can't recall just how many times I stopped and said to myself,
"Wow...I've never seen that before!"

She is a true original and an innovator of the highest order.
And you can bet that when it comes time to purchase bedding for our new home (which will be soon!),
Miss Gloria will be getting a phone call from yours truly.

So please, pull up a chair, and enjoy the magnificent

Never mind the crazy chick in the mirror.

With Gloria around, there's absolutely no excuse for ever having an ugly buggy liner again!

Gloria, if you're reading this, this pale green bedding
leaves me absolutely weak in the knees, *sigh*.

The way she incorporates natural elements into her displays is positively ingenious.

The honeycombs as plates...I've never seen anything like this before. Creative genius.

Isn't she amazing?

And remember, if you're ever up near the Dallas area,
Gloria is also the mastermind behind the cutting edge, concept antique mall,
so be sure to pay her a visit.

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10:00 til 5:00
119 E Tyler St, Athens Texas


  1. Anne did a great job of highlighting your space at Warrenton.

  2. Hey there! This is a great post, glad you're visiting there today! I'd love to see it all in person!

  3. There will be no living with her now! Just kidding...I loved every photo! What's that they say about the grass is always greener? It's true at Sweet Pea's!

  4. Love it all but I love the pillows the most!

  5. Gloria's space was absolutely gorgeous, it was a privilege to shoot it!


  6. Gloria is not only the bedding and pillow Queen...her slipcovers are to die for. Everything Gloria does is SIMPLY the BEST! Never disappointed with anything from Gloria! Sweet Peas and Winnie & Talula have some of the most STUNNING displays ever...eye candy galore! Going to see Gloria today to have another slipcover designed and custom made. Oh and if you ever need a sink skirt for an old farmhouse sink...Gloria can hook you up with that, too!! I love Gloria!

  7. Oh Anne, I'm weak at the knees now too! *swoon* With this fabulous bedding would we EVER want to roll out of bed?!?!?!?!? *wink* I'd be perpetually languishing... especially in those Velvets!!!!!!!!!!!! And your photography of it all is just beautiful!

    Dawn... The Bohemian